Hopefully you have had a good look around my blog, in one of my main pages I have linked websites which have a focus on my niche.I have tried to categorize the links, hopefully you should find it easy to pick which might be useful.

Many of the sites which offer content are obviously pay sites. If this blog does well, hopefully I will be able to pay for access and let everyone know which are worth paying for!

From what I do see around, the two websites which are worth looking at seem to be TS Pussy Hunters and Evil Angel. They seem to have a steady flow of content. Which I can see from various porn streaming services.

If you are reading this as a owner of a TSGG content publisher then I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me on

chaturbate logo

Apologies for the lack of updates but I wanted to let you know that I am still here and will be adding more content.

In the meantime, I thought I would highlight one of my recent finds which has stuck with me. This time its the more unusual webcam content. I know this not a new outlet but it is something that seems to be growing in popularity, or maybe its just getting better that it used to be and now getting more mainstream?

I haven’t signed up for any accounts myself, however browsing the ‘tube’ sites seem to show some great broadcasts from some excellent talent. I’m not sure how many couples there are out there, but there’s one couple who look to be producing some great work.

Introducing Vicats and Milla, I’m not sure where they are from but they seem to have done quite a few shows based on hits on their names. An compilation of their ‘creampies’ can be found here on ashemale tube. From a quick look, it looks like they used chaturbate to broadcast their shows, I maybe wrong!

From the clips that I have seen, its great to see proper TS on GG action taking place on the broadcast and the couple seem to be enjoying themselves. The creampies (sometimes multiple) show that there is some genuine pleasure in their interaction. I hope they continue to broadcast and maybe I might even interact with them online in a show one day!?




She-Males Fucking Girls Bareback

A series with a title that doesn’t really need much explaination (what I like to see!) created by the Robert Hill Releasing Co. This simply featured TS girls with GGs bareback. I can imagine that most readers here won’t need me to explain bareback means, but for those who don’t know, this means without condoms.

A niche production as its title dictates, it was and still is a unusual product for its time and for action produced with South America actors. However there now producers in the US who manage to create bareback content on a regular basis.

The series ran for three dvds, produced between around 2007 and 2009. My favorite scene of the series featured one of my favorite actresses Milly Amorim. Milly manages to show great passion in her scenes which stands out with some of the less enthusiastic performances found in the series. I may consider writing a post just for her in the future, keep checking out this blog for updates.

3 legged bitches logo

Another short lived series specialising in TSGG content was called ‘3-Legged Bitches’.

Produced by ‘Exquisite’, this mainly featured ladies from South America. There were only four dvds in the series with the first produced in 2006 and the last finishing in 2008, the series run was short.

Production content was fairly mixed from what I remember of the films with most scenes set in typical basic settings. However there were many threesome scenes with two TS girls sharing one GG.

A short post for a short series. Worth a look if you really like this content.

Transsexual Beauty Queens Title

Do you remember the Transsexual Beauty Queens Series? If not that then it’s worth a look.

This was a series available when the online availability of porn as we know it today was a little more limited. I myself purchased a fair few releases as there wasn’t much TSGG content out there.

The series was directed ‘Roy Alexandra’ and seem go through a number of producers, firstly being ‘Blue Coyote’, then ‘Androgeny’. Unfortunately the series seem to dry up in 2008 after a few released hashed together from existing content.

The series featured all sort of TS action, however a few episodes were dedicated to TSGG. For those who wish to avoid the rest of the stuff I would concentrate on releases numbered 25, 27, 29, 32 and 37.

I hope to write a little about some of my favorite scenes from this series in the future!

Picture credit to Transsexual Beauty Queens


So, I didn’t want to start with animated stuff but I thought that this deserved a mention.

Futanari Quest is a Hentai/Manga game which is in the early stages of development, the plot holds some great potential. The game follows the quest of it’s main character named Yui, a girl who’s short trip into an unknown portal magically results in her possessing a penis.

She’s horrified to be attached to such an endowment but her only way out is to impregnate 100 women, a mission that she reluctantly accepts. It is the game players role to help direct Yui to complete this quest.

The first demo version is available on the creators patreon page. All links available through the main futanari quest page:

Post image credit goes to the creator of Futanari Quest (of course!).


Shemale on female – my favorite porn niche.

TSonGGOnly means TS on GG (genetic girl) only porn!

This is my blog to showcase what this small genre of porn shows. I’ll be writing about websites, movie scenes, actresses in these scenes and some full movies if these are exclusively shemale on female sex only.

To any content producers, I know that there is a lot of work creating your content. I hope that I won’t be breaking any copy write laws. If you do think that a post does then feel free to contact me!

I hope that you enjoy my updates.

Note: I can only control what is on the TSGG domain therefore I am not responsible for the content on linked websites.