She-Males Fucking Girls Bareback

A series with a title that doesn’t really need much explaination (what I like to see!) created by the Robert Hill Releasing Co. This simply featured TS girls with GGs bareback. I can imagine that most readers here won’t need me to explain bareback means, but for those who don’t know, this means without condoms.

A niche production as its title dictates, it was and still is a unusual product for its time and for action produced with South America actors. However there now producers in the US who manage to create bareback content on a regular basis.

The series ran for three dvds, produced between around 2007 and 2009. My favorite scene of the series featured one of my favorite actresses Milly Amorim. Milly manages to show great passion in her scenes which stands out with some of the less enthusiastic performances found in the series. I may consider writing a post just for her in the future, keep checking out this blog for updates.

3 legged bitches logo

Another short lived series specialising in TSGG content was called ‘3-Legged Bitches’.

Produced by ‘Exquisite’, this mainly featured ladies fromĀ South America. There were only four dvds in the series with the first produced in 2006 and the last finishing in 2008, the series run was short.

Production content was fairly mixed from what I remember of the films with most scenes set in typical basic settings. However there were many threesome scenes with two TS girls sharing one GG.

A short postĀ for a short series. Worth a look if you really like this content.