What happened to Transsexual Beauty Queens

Transsexual Beauty Queens Title

Do you remember the Transsexual Beauty Queens Series? If not that then it’s worth a look.

This was a series available when the online availability of porn as we know it today was a little more limited. I myself purchased a fair few releases as there wasn’t much TSGG content out there.

The series was directed ‘Roy Alexandra’ and seem go through a number of producers, firstly being ‘Blue Coyote’, then ‘Androgeny’. Unfortunately the series seem to dry up in 2008 after a few released hashed together from existing content.

The series featured all sort of TS action, however a few episodes were dedicated to TSGG. For those who wish to avoid the rest of the stuff I would concentrate on releases numbered 25, 27, 29, 32 and 37.

I hope to write a little about some of my favorite scenes from this series in the future!

Picture credit to Transsexual Beauty Queens